Byju’s app download FOR PC

Byju’s app download FOR PC

BYJUS APP download FOR PC: BJYU’S Application is the most popular learning application among students which contains personalized video lessons, mock tests and helps to practice and understand every key concept in the easy way. You can easily download the Mobile Application for android and IOS platforms. You can’t download the BYJU’S application on your PC, MAC and windows laptop which is not available. BJYU’S Application is started for online learning platform started by Raveendran BYJU app. It helps students to move professional learning platform with experts about India. He secured score 100% in the CAT exam and Later become trainer in the Offline which is transformed in the BJYU’S Trainer.

BJYU’S App Download for PC

You can have the professional courses and classes in the BJYUS app download and highly trained experts in the field and chat with them. You can get the Application covers subjects like Maths, chemistry, Biology and Physics for the classes 6, 7, and 8. You can also prepare for the competitive exams like IAS, NEET, JEE, MAINs and Advance kids. BJYU’S is going to provide the best online and video classes provide you live doubt resolutions in it.


BJYU’s has many more features in the training class, courses, video class, online class, Materials and tutorials in the system. BJYU’S is having the features of the video classes, Live classes daily, strengths and weakness analysis, personal teaching, training for your exams, Mock tests and exams to the needs and Module questions. Here are the simple features of the BJYU’S App are:

  1. BJYU’S Application has the trained from intensive video classes.
  2. You can get the Live class daily.
  3. You can get analysed on your strengths and weakness.
  4. You can provide you teaching aid to improve your weakness daily.
  5. You can have complete training for your exams and over.
  6. BJYU’S app in the Mock Tests and exams customized your needs to practice questions.


BJYU’S App has the features with technical information about the storage, Application permission, Location, Contacts and other in it. Here is the technical information about the BYJU’S application are:

Name BJYUS app
Size 96 MB
Category Education
Supported Android version 5.0 and UP
Last Update Jan 2021
License Free
Download file BJYUS APK


Downloading the BYJU’S application for the Mobile Phone is the easy step and available in the Google Play store and App store. You can visit and Download the Application from the Android emulator play store in the system. In the Android Emulator helps you to download and install the BJYU’s App download for PC and Mac Laptop. Android Emulator includes Memu play, Nox Application player and many more. Here we are going to complete information about the bluestacks emulator to download and install the BJYU’s for the windows, Laptop & PC mac computer devices.

  1. You need to download the android Emulator from the Internet through setup and run the setup. you can install the application from the save file and Run them.
  2. Launch the Android Emulator in the system. You can see the Android UI in the application and Android Emulator ask you sign-in with Gmail Account. You need to sign-in with the Google Gmail Account to access the Play store in it.
  3. Once the setup of the Gmail Account is done and play store has the access in it. you need to Download the BYJU’S Application from the Play store. You can just drag and Drop the Application in the Android Emulator in it.
  4. You can see the Downloading and installation process of the BJYU’S App in the Notification Bar center in it. Once the BJYU’S App is the Installed and open the Application in it.
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BJYU’S App Download for PC

  1. You can see the few courses for free in the Application. You need to sign-in in the Application to get the courses and download the BYJU’S Material from the Application in it. you can enjoy the same features from the BJYU’S app from mobile in it.


BJYU’S application has the website to watch the free courses and Download material in it. BJYU’S app download for PC gives the Mobile Application in the full screen and experience the courses class in the system. You can Download the android application in the Emulator and get the android Mobile Experience in the system.

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